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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 32

Kangaroo Express:

Gumby and friends are off to a concert in Australia. They travel light, thanks to Gumby’s portable shrink-a-dink, which lets them carry all their equipment in their pockets. Goo flies them into the globe, and they arrive in the middle of the desert with no way to get to Melbourne. Fortunately, they find the Kangaroo Express, a kangaroo-based parcel delivery company. They shrink themselves to fit in the pouch of a kangaroo named Matilda (eliciting a lame reference to “Waltzing Matilda” from Prickle) and they’re soon on their way. However, Australia has Blockheads too, which capture Matilda. Gumby confuses and disorients them by shrinking their van, providing the distraction they need to get away.

Kid Brother Kids:

Gumby and the Gumbys are performing a concert in an old west ice cream parlor. Unfortunately, things go horribly wrong when the Kid Brother Kids show up. Supposedly, they’re Billy the Kid’s kid brothers, but they’re really just Blockheads. (Not *the* Blockheads; these two are 1 and 2 instead of J and G). Well, the Kids get in everyone’s faces and bother them enormously, setting a huge ice cream fight into motion. Denali sucks up some ice cream and spits it out at the Kids, which vaguely leads to their arrest. Gumby gives another concert the next day.

For the Graduate:

Yes, Gumby is finally graduating from high school, and Minga and Prickle are off to select a graduation present. Prickle looks at some watches, but Minga has something else in mind — a WWII flying fortress. She decides to take it for a test drive, which makes it spin around and around. Prickle sees what’s happening and grabs the end of the plane for some reason, only to get flung off into a cabin of Lincoln Logs. As he whines about his injury, Minga investigates a steam roller, which she unwittingly uses to flatten the Blockheads for no reason, knock a tower of Better Blocks onto Prickle and, of course, to grind Prickle into the ground. Prickle ends up in a body cast, and Gumby gets a watch and a steamroller for his graduation presents.

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Serie: Gumby Adventures


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Episode Title: Kangaroo Express / Kid Brother Kids / For the Graduate

Air Date: 1988-08-06